International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Since 2016

“I recommend going for Breastfeeding Classes with Shahirah. I learnt a lot from her & most importantly, built my confidence during my early breastfeeding days.” -Khairunissa
“Thanks to Shahirah's amazing commitment educating & empowering me, I had a truly amazing birth”. -Mama Zee


Certified AMANI Childbirth Educator

Since 2014

DUNSTAN Baby Language & Newborn Care Instructor

Since 2015

My Training
My Story

Greetings / Assalamualaikum!

I am Shahirah Mohd Hassan. A wife & mother to 4 beautiful children. As a gentle birth & breastfeeding advocate, my passion revolves around gentle birthing, breastfeeding & related subjects.


I received my professional education as a Medical Doctor & currently, pursuing my Master's Degree in Women's Health. I am pursuing a career which involves my field of interests which are gentle birthing & breastfeeding after becoming a mother myself.

As a Lactation Consultant, I founded an NGO (Breastfeeding Support Initiative) which has been awarded by the National Lactation Centre as the most active breastfeeding support group in 2014.

My Philosophy

I believe that all parents should be empowered with knowledge with regards about making decisions & exploring into parenthood.

Therefore, my goal is to spread awareness & knowledge with anything & everything about natural parenting.