AMANI Birth Preparation Class


AMANI Birth is an Islamic-based Childbirth Education program for expectant parents who are keen to explore Gentle Birthing. 


AMANI Birth preaches a gentle birthing philosophy of which parents play an active role in birthing, prepare mentally, physically & spiritually to birth while practising good birth consumerism. The acronym AMANI represents:

Assiting Mothers for  Active, Natural & Instinctive Birth.


اماني للولادة الطبيعية


In Arabic AMANI means “wishes.” 

When we refer to AMANI in Arabic, we say,

“AMANI lil Welada Tabiaya,” which means "Wishes for Natural Birth".


Our birth preparation classes consists of 20 modules which will be thought ideally in 10 sessions.

Intensive classes will cover 20 modules in a mininum of 5 sessions.