As Proffesionals, We  Do Not:

Breastfeeding Consultation 

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Childbirth Preparation Classes

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Breastfeeding Classes

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DUNSTAN Baby Language & Newborn Care Classes

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NGO Breastfeeding Support Initiative Peer Counselor

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Breastfeeding Products

For quality & affordable breastfeeding products, kindly visit :

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All products are designed by Certified Lactation Counselor to ease your breastfeeding journey.

Parenting Books

To empower yourself with knowledge, kindly visit for parenting books:

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Perform any clinical tasks

The services which we offer do not confer us to neither perform any clinical tasks nor prescribe with medications.

Make decisions for you 

Our duty is to empower you with knowledge from trusted resources. Any decision making, is based on the client's personal choice.

Speak to the healthstaff on your behalf

We do not offer any services nor would entertain any request to be a mediator to speak to healthcare staffs from other disciplines on the client's behalf.

Project any of our own beliefs onto your experience

We have the right to not disclose our personal beliefs in order to ensure our clients do not develop a perception bias on our personal preferences.

Essential Oils

To know more or purchase essential oils, kindly visit:

My Doterra Official Website